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There is a rapid growth in the fields of economics, investment and financial markets the international and local markets, accompanied with fierce rivalry in producing new products, which caused problems for some sectors and individuals in their work. A better choice, in order to circumvent such problems, is to ensure that organizations’ and individuals’ work is legitimately secured and strong; and their products are legal and protected via specialized law firms… that have internationally accredited lawyers who possess a variety of experiences with excellent performance. That’s why we are here.

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  • Clear vision.
  • Ethics, credibility and achievement.
  • Client is first.
  • Arabic language and foreign languages.
  • International and regional alliance.
  • Counseling in a timely manner.
  • Best legal services in creative ways.

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Accreditation Service:

The Office s Legal Services

  • Issuing POAs for individuals and releasing them.
  • Issuing POAs for corporates and organizations and releasing them
  • Authorizing corporates’ contracts
  • Documenting sale and rent of real estate properties
  • Documenting bail and amerceable bail
  • Documenting declaration of recieving money or waiving them
  • Documenting (Authorizing) trademark infringement, patent and copyrights

Corporates’ and Commercial Organizations’ Services:

The Office s Legal Services

  • Drafting contracts and agreements and providing what is needed in order to establish companies and parties decisions.
  • Legal consultations and legal representation for corporates and organization
  • Providing structuring, reorganizing and governance of corporates.
  • Filing bankruptcy and corporate liquidation.
Work systems

Labor Systems Services:

The Office s Legal Services

  • Drafting and reviewing employees’ contracts so they correspond with the labor system
  • Issuing and reviewing internal rules and regulations.
  • Conducting legal arrangements required to settle labor disputes and ending employees services
  • Conducting internal investigations according to labor systems
  • Conducting continuous consultation for corporates and commercial firms
Administrative contracts

Administrative Contract Services and Government Projects Lawsuits:

The Office s Legal Services

  • Revising administrative contracts and reviewing them.
  • Explaining commitments and rights in all legal aspects based on contract and Saudi systems.
  • Legal representation before courts, judicial committees, specialized bodies and arbitral tribunals.
Finance and banking

Financing Services and Islamic Banking:

The Office s Legal Services

  • Registering financial corporates and issuing their authorization
  • Financial speculation agreements and financing contracts
  • Banking disputes and disputes of banknotes
  • Regular Shariah supervision and Providing solution
Litigation and arbitration

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation Services:

The Office s Legal Services:

  • Legal representation in courts during settlements and reconciliation agreements.
  • Drafting arbitration documents and specifying orders and procedures.
  • Representing before arbitral tribunals and providing defense memorandums and pleadings.
  • Executing judicial decisions and arbitral decisions, international and local. Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation Services: •

Endowment Services:

The Office s Legal Services

  • Drafting endowment document and approving it
  • Establishing endowment companies
  • Providing consultations and recommendation in any matter with regard to endowments
  • Legal representing of an endowment or an endowment company against other parties
Invest and investors

Investment and Foreign Investor Services:

The Office s Legal Services

  • Issuing licenses of foreign investment from General Investment Authority
  • Submitting custom exemption applications regarding primary or crude materials and equipments and machines
  • Drafting and reviewing investment contracts, labor contracts, establishing corporates contracts and concluding agreements
  • Providing consultation with regard to investment structuring and the required procedures to invest in Saudi Stock Market (Tadawul)
  • Representing all investors in any dispute may arise as a result of foreign investment inside the Kingdom and outside of it, before government, courts and judicial committees against a counterparty

Services For Businessmen:

The Office s Legal Services:

  • We provide Consultation for legal, commercial, financial and real estate matters.
  • Legal representation during all stages of trial and proceedings or settlements.
  • Legal representation in executive boards and general assemblies.
  • International, regional or local representation.